Future thinking: The Rural Adept

Let me tell you a story about my vision of the future of the design industry. As part of my Futures and Foresight assignment in The New School of Parsons School of Design, based on the signals we see today, I imagined how the day of a designer will look ten years from now, and how the industry might change in general.


Future thinking: art show

Let's speculate a little bit about the possible future, looking at some examples of new technologies and behaviors we began adopting recently. What might happen if we were all stuck in a never-ending lockdown? How do we communicate, how do we entertain?


Self-assessment of a design work

If I find myself in a situation when I have to make a sole decision on the readiness of my work (it might be as a preparatory step before I show up at a design critique with my team) I apply this self-assessment design technique that I commonly use in my art practice.


Designing a slit-scan photography app

Poloska is the personal project we built together with my husband and developer Nik Shanin It’s a real-time photo manipulation app that uses a very interesting photography technique called slit-scan.


Designing an IoT cooking app

Kamadomii is an Internet of Things product that consists of a hardware device and a companion mobile app that I have been involved building in. I did the design and my husband Nik Shanin coded the app. The device itself particularly built for the egg-shaped ceramic grills.


Designing an online reservation service for restaurants

myLocali is an online booking service. It’s a centralized platform where establishments can manage various aspects of their business with absolute ease. I was responsible for the user experience design and visual design of this web‑based application, as well as for the iOS and Android companion apps and a separated booking widget for myLocali.


Building a light painting mobile app

After seeing my most popular project on Behance — our Glowee app, people started asking me about it. So, I thought it’d be useful to share this full of mistakes, yet a fun story with you. Glowee is our side project app that we built together with my husband Nik Shanin, I designed and he coded it.


Design thoughts: windows and UI

Being a designer, I believe that design surrounds us everywhere, in each thing that we see. It can be good or bad, but it exists.