Self-assessment of your design work

If I find myself in a situation when I have to make a sole decision on the readiness of my work (it might be as a preparatory step before I show up at a design critique with my team) I apply this self-assessment design technique that I commonly use in my art practice.


Case study: designing a slit-scan photography app

Poloska is the personal project we built together with my husband and developer Nik Shanin It’s a real-time photo manipulation app that uses a very interesting photography technique called slit-scan.


Case study: designing an IoT cooking app

Kamadomii is an Internet of Things product that consists of a hardware device and a companion mobile app that I have been involved building in. I did the design and my husband Nik Shanin coded the app. The device itself particularly built for the egg-shaped ceramic grills.


Case study: designing an online reservation service for restaurants

myLocali is an online booking service. It’s a centralized platform where establishments can manage various aspects of their business with absolute ease. I was responsible for the user experience design and visual design of this web‑based application, as well as for the iOS and Android companion apps and a separated booking widget for myLocali.


Case study: building Glowee - a light painting app

After seeing my most popular project on Behance — our Glowee app, people started asking me about it. So, I thought it’d be useful to share this full of mistakes, yet a fun story with you. Glowee is our side project app that we built together with my husband Nik Shanin, I designed and he coded it.


Thoughts: windows and UI

Being a designer, I believe that design surrounds us everywhere, in each thing that we see. It can be good or bad, but it exists.