Poppies that dance in meadows • original oil painting
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• Original oil painting

• Solvent-free oil paint on canvas

• Painted sides instead of a frame to add a 3D effect to a painting

• Ready to hang

• Varnished to protect from dust and UV
 Signed and titled 
• Certificate of authenticity included 
• The colours on the photographs may differ slightly from the original work
• Artwork size: 8x8x1.5" (20x20x4cm)

About this series

A series of oil paintings that echoes the traditional motif of the local landscape through the unique way of seeing and feeling. Small and freely painted with dynamic brushwork and in rich hues, these pictures carry a trembling and elusive liveliness of nature. As if allowing viewers to feel everything flowing and moving. Content in these paintings is intimate, nostalgically-melancholic as if contributing to an overall emotional change of the present.


To ensure its longevity artwork should be treated with care. Although the artwork is protected against UV, fading, dirt, moisture and discolouration I’d still recommend avoid hanging it anywhere where it will receive regular doses of direct sunlight. If you choose to change the frame, please try to avoid touching the face of the artwork. Clean the frame with a duster when needed.

Shipping and packaging

Created in Canada. Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be sealed before it's shipped. Shipping times vary depending on the destination. 


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