Design thoughts: windows and UI

Being a designer, I believe that design surrounds us everywhere, in each thing that we see. It can be good or bad, but it exists.

Recently I’ve been looking at old buildings and noticed a difference between the design of windows in brick houses built 200 years ago and in modern buildings. The windows in old buildings are framed by bricks entirely. These bricks form a beautiful decorative border around the window, from top to bottom. I guess that in modern buildings architects started using concrete blocks, which are durable enough and allow to speed up the work. And in these buildings, the top part of a window is a concrete block. This is a small difference I could hardly notice, but when I noticed it, I caught myself thinking that I enjoy looking at old buildings. I like that they are fully thought out by the architects, who paid attention to details, in an unhurried manner. Many of them are unique, unlike identical modern windows.

Something similar I can see in the UI design. More often I notice that designs I see everywhere are made of available on the market UI kits. These designs have pretty similar layouts, color palette, and the style of illustrations. And this is ok, UI kits help us to speed up the work, like those concrete blocks which helped architects in their routine. But speaking about individuality, I’d prefer those who invest their time in creating something beyond the common patterns. Those who design with a purpose for a certain product. Those who make it exceptional. Those who think about its problem and try to solve it through their designs.

Love, peace, design!