Maria’s work is a result of her passion for expressive movements of brushstrokes with minimalistically presented outcomes. She does it by using unorthodox techniques and materials, a light and lively color palette, and dynamic compositions that evoke a positive emotional response. Her practice is mainly focused on temperamental media such as inks and dyes, which she uses in her silk painting, as well as solvent-free oil and watercolor.

Silk painting

Having a diploma in silk painting and decorative art, Maria creates delicate contemporary artwork by painting directly on silk. These silk paintings combine the softness and smoothness of natural silk with the boldness and energy of brushstrokes. Captivated by ancient oriental art of textile painting, in her works on silk, Maria explores ways of balancing the expressiveness of flowing paint and minimalist design.

Landscape painting

A series of oil paintings that echoes the traditional motif of the local landscape through the unique way of seeing and feeling. Small and freely painted with dynamic brushwork and in rich hues, these pictures carry a trembling and elusive liveliness of nature. As if allowing viewers to feel everything flowing and moving. Content in these paintings is intimate, nostalgically-melancholic as if contributing to an overall emotional change of the present.

Abstract art

Art that embraces the lightness and aesthetics of the sunlit environment. It’s about capturing that second of warm stillness turned into the moment of motion, or steering ink over the paper to create dozens of light semi-transparent layers of wild dynamic forms. It's about finding a balance between being in control of artwork and letting the liquid media flow freely.

Floral art

Mesmerized by the look of flowers right after the rain, Maria paints a series of floral artworks to share her impression of light that appears in the air around flowers during warm summer rainfalls. Threads of mixed light and rain that fall from the sky on the gentle petals and cast reflections back into the environment.