Tranquility embraces lightness and aesthetics of the sunlit environment. It’s about capturing that second of warm stillness turned into the moment of motion. I found it in my art studio, beauty reflected in everyday objects, a feeling of calmness and constant movement that I wanted to share. These prints are available in my Shop.


Inks that I steer over paper create dozens of light semi-transparent layers of wild dynamic forms. This is my experiment of finding a balance between being in control of an artwork and letting the liquid media to flow freely. This is Flow - mysterious reflections of harmony and evenness. Prints from this series are available in my Shop.

Floral art on paper

Inspired by the mindset of a slow living, this series evokes warmth and comfort. Elegance of a flower acts as a main subject in these artwork. I limited my colour palette to reach harmony and evenness, and bring a soothing touch of nature to a living space. Original watercolor art and limited edition prints are available in my Shop.

Circles of life

Life is a constant and unpredictable movement of moments. Moments that change each other, offering new paths and opportunities. This series is a reminder that tomorrow will be full of new movements. And "now" is time to make a deep breath and appreciate life.


This portrait series is a quest for mixing elegance and softness with boldness and energy. It combines the traditional concept of pencil illustration with playful digital shapes. This series is about finding beauty in imperfection. Prints from this series are available in my Shop.