Behind the scenes

Hey, I’m Maria. For many years I’ve been working as a Product designer getting experience in problem solving. Having a background in fine arts I also stayed true to my passion. I enjoy creating artwork with balanced dynamic compositions and airy color palette. Through this, I believe my art can bring a sense of mindfulness, calmness and healthy living.

To me art and design are interconnected. For many years I utilized design as a way of solving problems. Perceiving art as a subtle yet powerful tool to bring attention to problems. My recent work captures dynamic compositions and airy color palette – reflecting changes of uncertain times we found ourselves in, and anticipating mindfulness and serenity ahead.

My expertise in product design taught me how to embrace experimentation and accept failure. I see failures rather as a process of learning and growth. This mindset encourages me to stop worrying about the outcome and immerse myself in the process of creation. Therefore I tend to experiment with temperamental media as inks, dyes or charcoal. And try new things such as unorthodox combinations of materials or uncommon tools. Practicing this makes myself – and my work – thrive more fully.

Leaving a room for imagination is essential. I often ask viewers what they see in my work and how they feel about it. It fascinates me how diverse our views are, and how differently we perceive things. There’s no right or wrong answer, no bad or good. Rather there’s learning from each others’ authentic viewpoints and experiences.